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The ultimate guide for the sex toy virgin

Posted by foxyfash 10/02/2022 0 Comment(s) Foxy Coterie,

Are you a sex toy virgin? Dying to try out a toy but not sure what is the right one? Too scared to ask for help...well fear no more. We are here to bring you the ultimate, sacred guide to sex toys positive you will find a friend for life. We understand that not every one wants to spend a lot of money on their first toy. You want to know what gets you going without having spent a fortune; you want your trial and error to be orgasmically fun rather than expensive. Hence we are going to showcase a delicious array of sumptious toys, costing less than £ 20 and won't have you reaching for the credit card.

Join us all week for our Beginner's guide to sex toys .

 Coming up tomorrow.....Our Value for money Toys. Not only will  we provide you with some tantalising information at low prices we will also provide you with our recommendations.                                                                                                                                          




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