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MOB Eroticwear DNGEON Basics Snap Jockstrap

The Snap Jockstrap is made of strong faux leather in sleek black. With minimal coverage at the back,..


NEK Matte Look Pants In Black and Red

An exclusive design in a terrific colour scheme!Black pants from NEK made out of trendy matte look m..


NEK Matte Look Pants With Zip Opening Black

An exclusive design that is extremely comfortable to wear!Black pants from NEK are made out of empha..


NEK Matte Look Shirt With Chest Harness Black

An exclusive, masculine design!Top from NEK made out of trendy matte look material. The top part is ..


NEK Matte Look Sleeveless Shirt Black

An exclusive design that is extremely comfortable to wear!Sleeveless, black shirt from NEK made out ..


Svenjoyment Jock Brief With Handcuffs

Open back, black, matte look jock briefs with handcuffs at either side, stretchy for a comfortable f..


Svenjoyment Lacey Boxer Briefs

Transparent pants made out of floral lace, with a stretchy, fabric-covered waistband.Slightly stretc..


Svenjoyment Long Sleeved Top With Harness And Restraints

Long sleeve, Powernet and matte look shirt with sleeve with restraints at the end, Incl. connection ..


Svenjoyment Pants With Arm Restraints

Black pants made out of matte look with Powernet, with 2 restraints per side, stretchy for a comfort..


Svenjoyment Showmaster String

String with holes for the penis and testicles.Beautiful, stretchy material in a matte look.Extrovert..


Svenjoyment Sleeveless Top With Chest Harness And Arm Loops

Top made out of trendy matte look material with a harness (not removable) and 2 arm loops (removable..


Svenjoyment String With Sparkly Rhinestones

String with sparkly rhinestones on the pouch.Extremely comfortable.Exclusive design with sparkly rhi..


TitanMen Jockstrap Black

TitanMen Jockstraps, Exclusive Limited Edition is a must-have! TitanMen Jockstraps for men are made ..